New Projects On The Horizon

After nearly a week without turning anything, I had to get in the shop again when I made it back to South Carolina.  I brought a bunch of wood back from my dads place, including some walnut logs and oak lumber.  The oak has been air drying in dads barn for over 10 years, so it is nice and dry and ready to make completed pieces.  The first piece I decided to turn was a kids toy, a spinning top.  The results were better than expected, so more than the original two are planned.

I decided to turn some of the green walnut logs I brought to South Carolina from my dads place in North Carolina.  These logs are going to yield some great pieces, I just know it.  They are full of twists and knots, and some that are even pre-destined to be bowls.  Photos of those will come as I begin to create some pieces from the logs, here are some of the bowls I made this weekend.

Here is a short time lapse video showing me turning two more walnut bowls.

Stay tuned for more projects later this week…

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